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Head Massage

This is our signature session in Yuzu Spa. Dry head massage gives you a pleasant stimulation, leads deep sleep, and regains health both mentally and physically.

Facial Treatment

Our facial treatment's specialization is face-lifting results. The technique is unique and helps loosening up facial muscles and making face symmetrical using proven Japanese methods.

Body Works

Japanese style body massage. Our body works is Shiatsu, which is a dry-massage and stimulated acupressure points. It can be both deep pressure and loosening on tight muscles as well.

Our Team

Our Therapists

Yuzu Spa's all treatments require high competency from our massage therapists across multiple skills such as acupressure, lymph drainage and Golk (bone therapy ) massage.

Our Services

All treatments are inspired by Japanese therapy and available only in Yuzu Spa. You can rest easy knowing that our top priority is maximum comfort, and satisfaction for our clients.

Our Concept

Our therapeutic mission is to be your helper when you have physical and mental exhaustion. We offer our clients reasonable price because we want they can get treatments regularly.


What is Head Massage?

This is our signature session at Yuzu Spa. Clients lay on a large, beanbag-style full-body cushion and enjoy great nap times with head massage. Getting a head massage helps release dopamine (The Happiness Hormone) so you feel like you are in the seventh heaven. Our original head massage is slow-tempo and has uses relaxing movements to magnify this effect. We don’t use oils and water for head massage(Shoulder and Neck massage are included)
☆Couple Head Massage – If you or your friend have not used our services before, you will get 30% off. (The price then becomes $98.)


☆Signature head massage


What is Body Work?


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork which stimulates pressure points. Shiatsu uses finger pressure, stretching, and relieves muscle tension and pain to promote health. It also improves blood flow and circulation. (Massage oils are not included.)

Body + Facial massage

・90 min Facial + back massage is 30min back massage and 60min facial treatment included: exfoliation. extraction massage and mask. 30分の背中のマッサージと60分のフェイシャルトリートメントになります。
・120min Facial + full body massage is 60min back massage and 60min facial treatment. 60分の指圧マッサージと60分のフェイシャルトリートメントになります。

Body works
Body & head massage
Facial + full body massage


What is Facial Treatment?

Face Lifting Massage

The most popular session! The combination acupressure and lymph drainage massage helps loosening up facial muscles.  Then Our face lifting massage skill is based on bone therapy (Golki facial)  lifts and firms your face, and making face symmetry.  コルギマッサージを取り入れたしっかりめのマッサージでお顔のたるみ,むくみが気になる方に。

☆Omakase Facial

Omakase means, “selected by the esthetician.” You’ll have cleansing, extraction, *face lifting massage and mask with advanced facial products. And your esthetician will provide fresh collagen serum, light chemical peeling or microcurrent tailoring to each clients skin type, seasonal needs, and specific conditions.   当店自慢のフェイシャルトリートメント。小顔マッサージとスキンケアの両方をお望みに方に。エステティシャンがお客様のお肌に合わせて、生コラーゲン美容液導入、ライトケミカルピーリング、マイクロカレント(美顔器)をご提供致します。

What products does Yuzu spa use?

We use the best Japanese skin care products “FAITH” for omakase facial. Faith fresh collagen serum’s ingredients are as mush as collagen injection. It restores moisture in your skin and make it firm and tight. All their products are synthetic surfactant, paraben, and artificial fragrance free.   日本製のエステ専売のお化粧品Faith を使用します。アンチエイジングを求めている方にお勧めです。

Face Lifting Massage
☆Omakase Facial
Omakase facial + full back massage

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