Our Services

Stress Relief Care

Dry head massage gives you a pleasant stimulation, leads deep sleep, and regains health both mentally and physically.​
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Facial Treatments

Our facial treatment’s specialization is face-lifting results.
The Japanese beauty technique is unique and helps loosening up muscles 
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Combo Treatments

The combination of head massage and facial or body massage is great for getting a rid of stiff neck and shoulder.
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Our Therapists

Yuzu Spa's all treatments require high competency from our massage therapists across multiple skills such as acupressure, lymph drainage and face-lifting massage.

Our Services

All treatments are inspired by Japanese therapy and available only in Yuzu Spa. You can rest easy knowing that our top priority is maximum comfort, and satisfaction for our clients.

Our Concept

Our therapeutic mission is to be your helper when you have physical and mental exhaustion. We offer our clients reasonable price because we want they can get treatments regularly.

Stress Relief Care

☆Head massage + Décolleté aroma massage
60min $100

You’ll get a 30min neck, shoulder and arm massage, then a 30min dry head massage. Getting a head massage helps release dopamine (The Happiness Hormone) so you can relax deeply.

Head massage + Eye strain relief
75min $125

The best treatment from computer vision syndrome!! You’ll have head, shoulder, neck and arm massages for 60min, and eye strain relief massage for 15min. (Plz don’t wear make-up.)

Detoxing facial massage with aromatherapy
75min $130

You will get massages for face, neck, shoulder and arms with organic essential oils (neroli, rosemary and frankincense). You’ll get 20min dry head massage which is also great for stress relief and reduce tension. 


☆Omakase Facial (Customized facial)
$90min $180

Omakase means, “selected by the esthetician.” You’ll have cleansing, extraction, *face lifting massage and mask with advanced facial products. And your esthetician will provide fresh collagen serum, light chemical peeling or microcurrent tailoring to each clients skin type, seasonal needs, and specific conditions. 

Lifting Massage + Microcurrent
75min $140

Micro-current is an advanced beauty and health-care machine.It’s very popular for face-lifting and anti-aging results in facial treatments. Benefits of Microcurrent is lifting and toning, increases collagen and elastin, and speeds up the production of new skin cells. 

Face Lifting Massage
50min $95

The combination acupressure and lymph drainage massage helps loosening up facial muscles.  Then Our face lifting massage skill is based on bone therapy lifts and firms your face.

Combo Treatment

Omakase facial + full body massage
150min $280

This is the superlative session at Yuzu spa. 75min Omakase facial(customized facial) + 75min stress relief massage

Micro-current facial toning + Face lifting + Body Massage
150min $255

The best face-lifting results! You will get microcuurent treatment using microcurrent gloves and probes for 30min, facial massage and head massage for 45min, and 60min body massage. You can add CBD oils for your leg or arm massage.

Face lifting massage + Head massage + Body massage
120min $220

45min face lifting massage + 15min head massage + 60min body massage. (You can change the duration as you need.)


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